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Meehans Solicitors can assist you in the areas of both commercial and retail leasing, and help you understand your rights and obligations in relation to same.

Whether you need a lease drafted, or advice and assistance with the negotiation process, the team at Meehans is experienced to provide you with the right advice just when you need it.

In 2017 changes were made to the Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW).  These changes were introduced to increase transparency and certainty about the lease during the negotiation process.  Amongst the changes included; the removal of the minimum five (5) year term, the disclosure of outgoings in the lessor's disclosure statement, and the rule that the lessor can no longer charge the tenant mortgagee consent fees upon registering a lease.

Commercial leases are far less regulated with relation to their terms.  However, it is vital that you get the right advice to ensure that your lease is drafted in a form that covers off on all the necessary terms and conditions, and is enforceable by you.

Contact our team at Meehans Solicitors today to ensure that your lease covers off on all your needs before it is too late.